Education as an Elitist Divide: Who Cares About our Schools in Any Election?

America’s compulsory school system  was never intended to actually educate its citizens. Government sponsored education has been implemented for thousands of years, though it was the efficiency and results from the Prussians in the 19th century that America adopted. Prussia… Continue Reading

The Death of a Gorilla : Four Things I Learned from Harambe as an African American

Four Things I Learned from Harambe

A moment of silence for HARAMBE. A few weeks ago,  an ape was murdered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time which eerily sounds like the lives of so many African American males. A toddler entered the… Continue Reading

Marcus Garvey Remembered: Lessons of Self-Love, Courage, and Perserverance

Livity.Info Marcus Garvey

No one remembers old Marcus Garvey— Burning Spear. While many people have heard of Marcus Garvey, very few are aware of the magnitude of his accomplishments. Garvey was a visionary leader, industrious and one of America’s greatest orators of the… Continue Reading



  WRITTEN BY: LIVITY The Rastafari movement, best referred to as  “Rasta” or “Rastafari”, is often associated with a perceived  lifestyle  of dreadlocks, proliferation of the green, red and yellow colors, habitual marijuana use, Reggae music and bingis  and the… Continue Reading