My heart goes out to the people struggling to lose weight who purchase gym memberships, diet programs, DVD’s, and magazines; attend seminars; and take synthetic powders with hopes of weight loss. These actions are done in vain, leading to frustrations with failed promises and repetitive relapses. The results are disappointing because the source of the customer’s problem is not being addressed: SUGAR ADDICTION.

We, as humans, are not biologically equipped to conquer the onslaught of enticement that sugar marketers force on us. Human beings have never had this level of access to sugar coupled with the effective marketing tactics that sugar dealers, also known as companies, use. Early humans did not have to resist the sweet taste of Heinz Ketchup, Starbucks Coffee, Snickers, Cold Stone Creamery, Coca Cola, Tostitos, Oreo Cookies, Frosted Flakes, Aunt Jemima Syrup, Ben and Jerry’s, or Big Mac Sauce. I hope you didn’t think sugar was just in junk foods; it’s in almost all packaged foods. High fructose syrup is everywhere and we as a nation eat it every day with every meal.

The dealers or ‘PUSHERMAN’ as Curtis Mayfield sang, Unilever, Kraft, Coca-Cola, General Oats, Kellogg’s, Mars, and Nestle manipulate the sugar so it is extremely tasty and addictive reaching a “bliss point”.  Australian Psychologist Robert McBride explained bliss point in Michael Moss’ book ‘ Salt, Sugar, Fat :

“Who among us chooses food based on its nutritional status? People pick products off the grocery shelf based on how they expect them to taste and feel in their mouths, not to mention the signals of pleasure their brains will discharge as a reward for choosing the tastiest foods. “Nutrition is not foremost on peoples mind when they choose their food,” he said. “It’s the taste, the flavor, the sensory satisfaction….” Humans like sweetness, but how much sweetness? For all ingredients in food and drink, there is an optimum concentration at which the sensory pleasure is maximal. This optimum level is called the bliss point. The bliss point is a powerful phenomenon and dictates what we eat and drink more than we realize.”(11)

Corporations equipped with their multi-million dollar marketing departments know how to persuade time pressed consumers to purchase their products. Commercials, print advertising, product placement, free samples, logos, colors, and the ever so persuasive approval from the heart association or medical practitioner captures the mind of the customer. The customer never thinks for a moment this product was made in factory with the cheapest ingredients legally available. The customer never has time to research what “All Natural”, “100% Fruit”, or “Healthy” really means. These are psychological hurdles a consumer has to face prior to taking a bite and being enraptured by the “bliss point”.

The harsh reality is, the only way to conquer the ‘bliss point’ is to avoid it. The sugary snacks we love were never designed to be consumed in moderation but in abundance. These products are intentionally made to addict its consumers, securing profits for corporations and blissfulness for customers.


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  1. learn something new everyday! Thanks

    I would like to know how they determine a bliss point formula to suit everyone’s taste?

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