The Shameful Secret Too Many Black Men Have……

The burden of illiteracy

  It is much worse than we can think or comprehend.  Millions of African Americans do not know how to read. Suffering in silence, unable to understand, interpret, or comprehend the most basic combinations of written English words. Looking at… Continue Reading

The Death of a Gorilla : Four Things I Learned from Harambe as an African American

Four Things I Learned from Harambe

A moment of silence for HARAMBE. A few weeks ago,  an ape was murdered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time which eerily sounds like the lives of so many African American males. A toddler entered the… Continue Reading

Racial Tensions in America 2016: Shaking the Belief System and Why It Will Change

Racial tensions in America

Written by: Livity The racial tension in America is manufactured to divide us, making citizens believe their brother of a different color is their enemy. Anyone who has analyzed the social situation in America without the influence of the media… Continue Reading