The Death of a Gorilla : Four Things I Learned from Harambe as an African American

Four Things I Learned from Harambe

A moment of silence for HARAMBE. A few weeks ago,  an ape was murdered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time which eerily sounds like the lives of so many African American males. A toddler entered the… Continue Reading

Marcus Garvey Remembered: Lessons of Self-Love, Courage, and Perserverance

Livity.Info Marcus Garvey

No one remembers old Marcus Garvey— Burning Spear. While many people have heard of Marcus Garvey, very few are aware of the magnitude of his accomplishments. Garvey was a visionary leader, industrious and one of America’s greatest orators of the… Continue Reading

Keeping Up with the Joneses and Paying for The House of Louis Vuitton.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

The ancient financial exchange known as bartering is only spoken of by historians, pseudo-historians and those looking for a return to a mythical Utopian society where monetary exchange doesn’t exist. A man’s word no longer matters. Financial institutions rely on… Continue Reading

Racial Tensions in America 2016: Shaking the Belief System and Why It Will Change

Racial tensions in America

Written by: Livity The racial tension in America is manufactured to divide us, making citizens believe their brother of a different color is their enemy. Anyone who has analyzed the social situation in America without the influence of the media… Continue Reading


  WRITTEN BY: LIVITY Consumerism and worship of material goods has been a grave hinderance to the progression of African Americans. Modern leaders fail to speak of this problem due to their own addiction to materialism. Our greatest leaders Harriet… Continue Reading


    WRITTEN BY: LIVITY The title exemplifies the negative view most African Americans have towards experiencing Africa. Psychological grooming by our oppressors has led to many African Americans having disdain towards their ancestry, though their inferiority complex would be… Continue Reading